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Welcome to the official blog site for "the City Clickers!" First of all, thank you for visiting our blog. I know there are thousands of blogs out there that may definitely be more of interest or entertaining to you. With that said, I'll be sure to keep things MORE interesting by keeping stuff fresh and giving you some insight on some of the latest photography trends.

City Clickers Inc, is an upcoming and sensational group of talented photographers and graphic artists that serves all of California but home to the Sacramento Area.

By the way, that's me to the right--Ryan Angel!! A Nikonian if I may add. My brother on the other hand settles for Canon products. Just teasing, just teasing!!! I believe it's not what you have that matters; it's how you use it, right guys!! LOL

So anyway, We (there's no -I- in TEAM guys) pride ourselves in bringing a new-edgy and FUN-TASTICAL look to all aspects of photography and graphic design but our pride and joy is bringing today's commercial side to wedding portraiture, senior & school portraits, and fashion photography.

Again, thank you for stopping by and checking us out!!

Below is a shoot done at Davis Campus. It was super HOT that day but our couples sure knew how to handle the heat. Special Thanks to Amber for allowing us to tag along and photograph one of her own e-sessions (engagement).

Photo taken by: Ryan Angel

Photo taken by: Ryan Angel

Photo taken by: Ryan Angel

Photo taken by: Ryan Angel

stay tuned, more to come...

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Hey, guys! Great start to your photo blog. The images look good... now I have to get my butt in gear to keep up with your post!! Keep shootin', honing your eye, and doin' what you love. :)



Glad to see you were able to hook up with Amber! Nice pics.

thanks guys!! = ) tear..

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