Senior Portraits



October 18, 2009- theCityClickers went to Elk Grove, CA today for a portrait session demonstration. Photographers, J.C. Meza and myself included (Ryan Angel), worked with Forrest Massey and his girlfriend. Although they are inexperienced models, they definitely knew how to work the camera and give me the angles I needed. I must say that it makes my job a lot easier when you have clients that are very photogenic and require little or no direction. But in retrospect, having a difficult (less photogenic) client will only make you a better photographer and make you feel comfortable with giving direction. It is always good to look through magazines and even the internet for samples of how you can lead the model to giving you the shot that you need. I, on the other hand, am fortunate to have an IPhone (Yessss, FINALLY) and use it for "on the spot" inspirations. But remember, you are only looking for inspiration and not to copy someone else's style or work. Setting yourself apart from the millions of photographers out there will give you the attention that you seek.

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