Creating Drop Shadow Borders



Photo Taken By: Ryan Angel

How to create a drop shadow effect and make your images appear as if it's displayed off a wall.

1.) Duplicate Layer (Menu Bar>Layer>Duplicate Layer)

2.) Select White as your Background Layer (Hit -D- on your keyboard)

3.) Next, select (Menu Bar>Image>Canvas Size; check the Relative box; type in 2 or 3 inches in the Length/Width boxes. Now you should see a white border around your image!!!

4.) Now we need to make the drop shadow effect.
Note: Make sure you are on the Duplicate Layer.
Menu Bar>Layer>LayerStyle> select Drop Shadow.
You should now have the Drop Shadow Menu Box open.

5.) Change OPACITY to about 50%. You may change it to your liking.
You may now change the shadow effect by moving the following sliders:

Note: To get a better handle of where you want the drop shadow to fall, you may click & hold (on the image itself) and move the drop shadow to your liking.

Hope these steps aren't confusing.

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